Rid Your Home of Ice Dams

You may love the magical appearance of twinkling icicles hanging from the eaves of your home, but these formations are more ominous than they appear. Icicles on your roof are signs of dangerous ice dams. Minnesota weather brings plenty of snow and freezing temperatures that can lead to ice dams and potential water damage to your home or business.

What Causes Ice Damming?

A well-insulated and properly ventilated attic will allow even heating throughout and cause your roof to shed water normally during cold seasons. Poor ventilation and uneven heating cause heat to rise toward the apex of the roof, leaving the eaves cold. As the warmer roof section melts accumulated snow, this water runs down toward the roof’s edge. Air leaks along the eaves cause water to freeze when it reaches this point, causing ice dams.

Ice damming gets progressively worse over time. More melted snow runs down over the ice, forming even more ice and larger, heavier and more potentially damaging ice dams. The dams prevent water runoff, so the water follows the path of least resistance and runs wherever it can, including underneath roofing materials and along the interior structures of your home, causing:

  • Wet or sagging ceilings
  • Ruined insulation
  • Bubbling wall paint or plaster
  • Sagging floors
  • Much more…

If you notice these or other signs of water damage in your home in Minneapolis-St. Paul or surrounding communities, ice damming could be the main problem.

Professional Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

While you may be tempted to break off the icicles and ice dams, this is the worst possible action you could take. Breaking away the ice can also break vital roofing components, leaving your home even more vulnerable to water intrusion and costing you much more for repairs.

Minnesota Roofing Company provides professional and safe ice dam removal for homes and businesses throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding communities. Our roofing and insulation technicians can use the proper equipment and techniques to remove ice dams without damaging your home. This process includes:

  • Removing all the snow from roof vents, bathroom & kitchen vents and roof valleys
  • Removing the snow from all eaves six feet up past the heated walls of your home
  • Safely melting the ice dams from the roof using a portable steamer to prevent damage

Problems with water runoff can cause ice to form in dangerous areas on the ground, as the water escapes anywhere possible. This is why we also salt all the sidewalks and driveways around your home for increased safety.

Ice Dam Prevention Services

We can also evaluate your attic and recommend ice dam prevention measures. Ice dam prevention may include one or several actions to facilitate proper attic ventilation and adequate insulation for our area’s climate. Minnesota Roofing Company may recommend:

If your home or business in Minneapolis-St. Paul looks like a winter wonderland with hanging icicles along the roof, call Minnesota Roofing Company today and ask about ice dam removal services and our recommendations for ice dam prevention.